1989 to present

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1989At the beginning of the business, 1 injection molding machine, single line card product
1992Started production of electric wires based on rural power transformation
1999Established "Jiaxing Lizhou Wire and Cable Factory"
2004Expanded the factory building by 35 acres and obtained IOS system certification
2008Established Zhejiang Lizhou Cable Co., Ltd.
2012Obtained cable production license to further occupy the construction and home improvement market
2013Jiaxing's wire and cable supply chains in small household appliances and real estate construction are among the best
2018Won the Zhejiang AAA-level "contract-honoring and trustworthy" enterprise, and won the high-tech enterprise certificate in November the same year
2019The share reform was successful and the name was changed to "Zhejiang Lizhou Cable Co., Ltd."