Main process of cable

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As the main medium for transmitting electric energy, cables play an important role in our daily life and production. Wire and cable manufacturers also use different production processes to produce cables for different purposes.

Drawing, stranding and coating are the main processes commonly used in the production of wire and cable manufacturers.

1. Drawing mainly performs pressure processing on metal, relying on external force and die pressing wheel to force the metal through the die, which causes the cross section of the metal to be compressed, so that the manufacturer can obtain the cross-sectional shape and size that meet the requirements. This kind of craft mainly has two kinds of monofilament drawing and twisting drawing.

2. Twisting. Its purpose is to increase the integrity and flexibility of the cable. The operation method is to interweave two or more single wires in the required direction. The stranding process of wire and cable manufacturers mainly includes conductor stranding, cabling, weaving, steel wire armoring and winding.

3. Coating, that is, in accordance with the performance requirements of the cable, special equipment is used on the outside of the conductor, including corresponding materials. This process mainly includes four types of extrusion, longitudinal wrapping, wrapping and dipping. The difference between these four processes lies in the different coating materials.