YJV 0.6/1kV 3X25

Product Description:

Voltage level: 0.6/1kV
Number of cores: 1~5 cores
Specification: 1.5~240mm2
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XLPE insulated cable is a kind of cable suitable for power distribution network and other fields, and it has the incomparable advantages of PVC insulated cables. It has simple structure, light weight, good heat resistance, strong load capacity, non-melting, chemical corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength. The cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable uses chemical or physical methods to transform the polyethylene molecule of the cable insulation from a linear molecular structure to a main network molecular structure, that is, the thermoplastic polyethylene is transformed into a thermosetting cross-linked polyethylene, thereby greatly improving it Its heat resistance and mechanical properties reduce its shrinkage, make it no longer melt after being heated, and maintain excellent electrical properties. The working temperature is increased from 70℃ to 90℃, and the instantaneous working temperature can reach 250℃, which significantly improves the current carrying capacity of the cable. At the same time, due to the establishment of new chemical bonds between macromolecules, the hardness, rigidity, wear resistance and impact resistance of cross-linked polyethylene are improved, thereby making up for the shortcomings of polyethylene materials that are susceptible to environmental stress and cracking. Moreover, cross-linked polyethylene has strong acid and alkali resistance and oil resistance, and its combustion products are mainly water and carbon dioxide, which are less harmful to the environment and meet the requirements of modern fire safety.

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